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Special Edition — Bridges are Made for Crossing Not Burning with Greg Justice

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In this special edition episode of the "Show Me the Way", Dave invites Greg Justice, owner of AYC Fitness and author of "Treadside Manor," back to the show to share his insights on bridges and their metaphorical significance in personal and professional growth. Greg's story of resilience and professionalism serves as a valuable lesson for business owners facing transitions and challenges.

Special Edition — Bridges are Made for Crossing Not Burning with Greg Justice

Greg begins by recounting a pivotal moment in his career when he was fired from his dream job. Rather than reacting negatively or venting his anger, he remained calm, professional, and commanded the respect of the owners with his composed reaction.

Making the Best Out of Adversity

Following his dismissal, Greg faced a difficult situation but demonstrated strategic thinking and resourcefulness. When the owner offered him his job back due to member complaints, Greg proposed starting his personal training business within the club upon his return after completing his master's degree. This bold move turned the situation around, proving that bridges can be rebuilt and transformed into new beginnings.

Career Advancement Through Positive Relationships

Greg reads from a chapter in one of his books, Treadside Manor, that highlights the importance of building strong, lasting professional relationships throughout one's career. By maintaining positive communication with the owners even under difficult circumstances, Greg reinforced their belief in his credibility, reliability, and conscientiousness.

Lessons for Business Succession Planning and Exit Planning

The parallels between Greg's experience and the challenges faced by business owners during succession planning and exit planning are evident. Burning bridges can lead to missed opportunities and strained professional relationships. Instead, fostering positive connections and leaving a positive legacy can create a foundation for future success.

Applying Lessons in Personal and Professional Life

Dave reflects on the broader applicability of Greg's story, particularly in professional transitions, such as business exits or acquisitions. Whether changing jobs, seeking career advancement, or navigating business changes, maintaining professionalism and resilience can be key to achieving positive outcomes.


Greg Justice's story of resilience, professionalism, and the significance of bridges in personal and professional growth offers valuable lessons for individuals in various stages of their careers. By choosing to respond rather than react, making the best out of adversity, and building strong relationships, individuals can overcome challenges and create promising opportunities. Remember, bridges are made for crossing, not burning.




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